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Operation Prosperity, Inc.

Operation Prosperity, Inc. is a grassroots movement created by a team of Polk County citizens with a focus on  creating a business‐friendly environment in Polk County Wisconsin. Politician have long catered to those who put government control and regulation in front of jobs, opportunity, and economic growth for our citizens. With your help, we can change that.

The first step for Operation Prosperity, Inc. is to help support county board candidates who share our commitment to economic opportunity.

Operation Prosperity, Inc.Currently, the Polk County Board is made up of 23 districts, represented by 23 elected superintendents. Beginning in April 2014, after the spring elections, the Polk County Board will be reduced to 15 districts, represented by 15 superintendents.

These 15 individuals make the policies, rules, and regulations for the citizens and businesses in Polk County. They also decide how to spend our taxes.

See the Polk County Supervisor’s Page on the County website.


To create an environment where small businesses can thrive and create good jobs in Polk County and Wisconsin.


Support candidates and policies that will lead to less regulation, less bureaucracy, lower taxes, and more economic freedom for everyone.

Contribute Today!

Please  consider  contributing  to  this  cause.    You can make  a contribution by mailing a check along with the information on the Donate Page.